Lincoln Plastics Pty Ltd Manufacturing Solutions for Plastic Componentry and Associated Tooling

Since 1959 Lincoln Plastics has been successfully providing manufacturing solutions to a variety of Australian industries, ranging from small one person businesses to large companies that export the products made by Lincoln Plastics worldwide.

Lincoln Plastics is a leading custom plastic injection moulding and toolmaking firm based in South Australia, yet manufacturing plastic moulded products that are ultimately exported all around the world.

Lincoln Plastics is a one stop shop for precision injection moulding projects providing

  • Plastic product design
  • Injection mould design
  • Die design and manufacture
  • Plastic injection moulding
  • 3D printing
  • Plastic product assembly and packaging
  • International Quality Accreditation
  • Project Management
  • Non disclosure agreements assuring security of your intellectual property

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Our Mission

To maintain our status as a leading Australian manufacturer of innovative tooling and plastic components that consistently exceeds our customer's expectations of service, quality and price.