Injection Moulding

Lincoln Plastics was established in 1959 essentially to service the brushmaking industry and paint application market. Since then it has adapted to the needs of its client base and expanded its capabilities to now provide manufactured plastic components for a broad variety of industries including:



Incorporating an enormous number of different types of irrigation components for commercial and domestic use


various components used in automotive applications


large plastic collars that are embedded into concrete floors in multi-storey buildings for the purpose of easing the strain on firefighters in a situation where a fire has broken out


various plastic components required in defence force applications


componentry for antennas and various defence applications


large fan blades and components utilized in commercial ventilation and air-conditioning applications


household and industrial components


a variety of painting and wallpaper accessories

Plant nurseries

a range of pots and trays necessary for primary producers of plants and lawns as well as special purpose grain and seedling delivery applications

Swimming pool equipment

components used in filters etc

Domestic gardening equipment

the various components for products such as the Yates Weeding Brush for the random elimination of nuisance weeds

With such a broad base of capabilities and services to a wide range of industries many of the products manufactured at Lincoln Plastics for its customers products are now exported worldwide.