National Announcement: New Chief Executive Officer July 2014 has held the position of CEO since 1987

Leadership is a key ingredient to Lincoln Plastic's longevity of in excess of 55 years in the industry and an appropriate succession plan has been in place for the last two years as it prepared for the retirement of its CEO, Colin White. Colin has been with the company for in excess of 40 years and has worked in all aspects from tooling and design to administration management and ultimately has held the position of CEO since 1987.

He was the President of the SA Chapter of the Plastics Association for many years and a member of the Technology Industries Association of SA and the Inventors Association here in SA. His expertise and integrity are highly regarded in the industry. Colin will step aside from his position as CEO on 30 June 2014, but will remain with the company as Project Manager for a year, whilst the new appointee settles into the role of CEO.

Former General Manager of Operations, Malcolm Fisher will take up the position of CEO on 1 July 2014. Malcolm has been with Lincoln Plastics since 1998, commencing in the production area. With a Diploma in Business Management, years of experience in procurement, production, logistics and staff recruitment and management, Malcolm was indeed the ideal candidate for this position. Respected amongst the staff, his vision, ingenuity and management efficiencies are integral in his selection for the position. Lincoln Plastics is confident of its future with Malcolm’s leadership now secured.