In 1993, Lincoln Plastics Pty Ltd became one of the first South Australian plastics manufacturers to attain Quality Accreditation to international world standards.

It maintains its Certificate of Registration of ISO 9001:2015, by being regularly assessed and is registered internationally with TQCS International Group Pty Ltd Approval Panel.

This accreditation verifies Lincoln Plastics has the capability to control quality of goods and services in accordance with the conditions of the Licence Agreement under a quality management system complying with international requirements of ISO 9001:2015 which includes quality in:

  • Designing of tools
  • Manufacturing tools
  • Manufacturing goods
  • Post moulding assembly of precision plastic injection moulded components
  • A commitment to meeting the long term needs of our customers by providing an environment of continuous improvement though which our customer and Lincoln Plastics will prosper and share in long term profitability.
quality Quality Accreditation Quality Management System