Other services

Lincoln Plastics is a one stop shop as it guides its customers through the development of an idea or concept of the end component, through the tool (die) design and building process, followed by the final precision moulding. It then offers the service of tool design maintenance onsite.

Lincoln Plastics is staffed by a highly professional team, extensively trained and experienced in all areas of product design and development as well as the intricacies of the injection moulding process.

Lincoln Plastics build solid relationships with customers and become the equivalent of the research & development and manufacturing arm for many of its clients.

It all takes place at our site, from tooling design, through to tool maintenance, injection moulding, packaging and assembly. Managing the complete process and not outsourcing overseas helps maintain the security of your intellectual property.

  • Product Design

    Product Design

    Some clients come to us with just a good idea or concept, but have no way to develop and commercialise it. This is where Lincoln can and usually does help. We will evaluate the potential and provide honest feedback on its marketability, obtain a prototype if necessary and work closely with the client to ensure their expectations are met in terms of functionality, appearance and cost.

  • Product Management

    Project Management

    Taking a good idea from inception through the difficult development stages, then coming up with a functional design, followed by mould design and then final moulding to the highest quality is not an easy task for individuals or companies not conversant with the necessary processes.

    Project Management Development
  • 3D Printing

    3D Printing

    Moving with the latest technology, Lincoln Plastics now offers 3D printing services which can help in the design stage of new products, enabling the customer to see at first hand what the part will look like in production.

    3D Printing Services
  • Product Assembly/Packaging/Logistics

    Product Assembly/Packaging/Logistics

    Another service we offer many of our clients is an efficient and cost effective means for the various items we mould for them to be assembled and packaged ready for the ultimate consumer. This takes the hassle out of what could otherwise be a tedious or time consuming exercise for our clients and is just another way that we are able to add value to the products we manufacture.

    Product Packaging