With a highly skilled team of tradesmen with many years of experience in all aspects of toolmaking, our capabilities include: full Computer Aided Design (CAD)/Computer Aided Manufacture (CAM) facilities and Electronic Discharge Machine (EDM)/Computerised Numerical Control (CNC) services. Our toolroom is well equipped to produce the most intricate of moulds.

Lincoln Plastics make recommendations to ensure that the customer’s mould is built with the best configuration to meet their needs. In doing so we provide for the most appropriate mould and component unit price options for the customer's requirements. Lincoln Plastics friendly team is more than happy to spend the necessary time with the client to satisfy their expectations to produce the best outcome.

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Lincoln Plastics have the expertise and flexibility of being easily accessible to our clients, with no long distance or other barriers that could otherwise lengthen the process of mould completion. Our friendly team and the convenience of immediate mould try-outs means that any minor adjustments of modifications requested by the customer can be attended to promptly and the first moulding production run can follow immediately afterwards.